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Patch notes

History of Darkfall games

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Major Changes since Darkfall Online for returning Veterans

Game mechanics[edit]

Alignment Banking Chat Commands Combat Controls and UI
Clans and Alliances Death Gathering Looting Market
Meditation PvE PvP Quests Attributes
Skills Spells Sieges Titles Village Control Points
Buffs and Debuffs Durability Trading Upgrades Damage Types

Items and Crafting[edit]

Different types of in-game items player can craft, loot and use.


Ammunition Armour Figurines Tools Weaponry and shields
Materials Sacks and Bags Books and Scrolls Strongboxes Player and Fun Flags
Food Potions Treasure Maps and Keys Clan shards and Siege Stones Jewelry

Crafting Professions and Recipes[edit]

Details about crafting mechanism is in crafting section and direct link.

Alchemy Armorsmithing Artillery Bowyer Construction
Cooking Enchanting Herbalism Shipbuilding Shield Crafting
Smelting Taming Tailoring Weaponsmith Woodcutting


Learn the rich History and Anthropology of Agon. The Ancient civilizations that occupied the land and different Races, Gods, Wildlife and Monsters.


Details about Agon geography and layout, both Mainland and Outer territories.

Real estate[edit]

In game mechanism for player Holdings and Houses.